JW Marriott, Mumbai

August- January 2013

Rustic Italian Cuisine

Experience in baking, house made pasta, pizza, garde manger, grill, saucier and gelato.

Noma, Copenhagen

April - July 2014

Nordic Cuisine

Worked at all sections including foraging, service, snack, cold, plating, vegetable, meat, pastry and the test kitchen.

Junoon, Dubai

October 2014 - December 2015

Modern Indian Cuisine

Responsible for creation and executing amuse bouche. Mise en place, cooking and plating of salads, appetizers and entrees. Preparation of house made achars, chutneys,  sauces and vegetables. Gained experience in classical Indian cuisine and modern technique.

Gaggan, Bangkok

January - August 2016

Progressive Indian Cuisine

Started as a stagier(intern), succeeded to get a job. Part of the R&D team, making of new dishes, taking care of service. Gaining experience in new techniques and Japanese methods. Rediscovering Indian flavours and implementing them with new and traditional Indian techniques.

Olive Bar and Kitchen, New Delhi

December 2016 - September 2017

World Cuisine

Was heading the appetizer station, also known as the cold station . Olive was an important step for me to understand how the food industry works in India. It helped me gain confidence and management skills.

Ek Bar, New Delhi

September 2017

Modern Indian Fusion

Heading operations, curating menus, hosting special dinner for clubs like Primo Privilege and Food Talk India. Responsible for overall Kitchen operations and innovations.

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